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Guide on How to Read Football Betting Odds for Beginners

With the aim of helping football betting enthusiasts navigate the world of online sports betting more effectively, particularly newcomers who may feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to interpret betting site for football ​odds, this article provides insights into reading football odds on the Sports section of the online entertainment website Rồng Hổ. Let's delve into understanding football betting odds!

Understanding how to read live football betting odds is essential knowledge for any individual engaging in online sports betting. When stepping into the realm of football betting, grasping how to interpret betting odds is paramount. It's crucial to understand this accurately and in detail because only then can one proceed with placing bets. Football betting has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment, attracting a significant amount of interest from players due to its potential for lucrative returns, which can lead to rapid wealth accumulation. Alongside traditional forms of betting, online football betting has become readily accessible. However, a common question arises: is online football betting safe? To address this question, let's explore further in the following sections.

How to Read Live Asian Handicap Football Odds

On the odds board, after identifying the Asian Handicap odds column and the 2 in 1 odds, bettors need to understand how to read various types of odds in football betting:

Draw No Bet (DnB) Odds:

This type of bet is common in matches where there isn't a significant difference between teams, and the handicap is set at 0. It's similar to DnB 1 and DnB 2. If a bettor chooses to wager on either the favorite or the underdog, and that team wins, the bettor wins the bet. If the match ends in a draw, the bettor gets their stake refunded.

Half Ball (0 – 0.5; 1/4) Odds:

In this type of bet, the favorite team gives up less than half a goal to the underdog. It's denoted as 1/4 or 0.5. If the bettor chooses the favorite and they win, the bettor wins the bet. However, if both teams draw, those who bet on the underdog lose half their stake, while those who bet on the favorite win half their stake.

Quarter Ball (0.5; 1/2) Odds:

In this bet, the favorite team gives up half a goal to the underdog. There's no option for a refund. If the bettor selects the favorite and they win, the bettor wins based on the odds set by the online what does a bookmaker do. If the match ends in a draw, those who bet on the underdog win their bet.

Three-quarter Ball (0.75; 0.5/1; 3/4) Odds:

This type of bet requires the winning team to secure a victory by a margin of at least one goal. If a bettor chooses to bet on the favorite, the following outcomes apply:

If the favorite wins by a one-goal margin, the bettor wins half of their stake.

If the favorite wins by a margin of two goals or more, the bettor wins.

If the match ends in a draw, those who bet on the favorite lose their stake, while those who bet on the underdog win.

Is Online Football Betting Safe? Legal Aspects of Football Betting

As mentioned earlier, football betting can lead to rapid wealth accumulation, making it an extremely lucrative business activity. Therefore, many countries permit its operation. Most leading betting companies are headquartered in countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore rather than Vietnam. This is because, in previous years, football betting in Vietnam was considered an illegal form of gambling.

However, as the market has opened up, live betting has been partially legalized to attract investment into this potential market. Despite this, there are still stringent regulations in place to limit speculation. Quoting an article from the electronic new bookmaker website Wintips dated March 2, 2017:

"Starting from March 31, when Decree 06/2017/ND-CP takes effect, for the first time, business activities involving betting on horse racing, dog racing, and international football matches will be legalized. However, participants and organizing units must comply with strict conditions. This is a conditional business activity, not encouraged for development, and subject to strict control by the competent state management agencies.

Accordingly, only eligible enterprises are allowed to conduct betting business. After completing the investment registration procedures, enterprises must apply for a certificate of eligibility for betting business.

For international football betting business, the Government will allow one enterprise to be permitted to pilot for five years. Enterprises conducting pilot international football betting business must have a minimum charter capital of VND 1,000 billion and meet other regulations.

Vietnamese and foreign individuals must be at least 21 years old to participate in betting, with a minimum bet of 10,000 VND and a maximum of one million VND per day per product. Betting must take place at approved betting locations to be considered legal."

However, it's essential to understand that you can only bet on matches sanctioned by FIFA. Therefore, you won't be able to place bets on matches from major European leagues.

Challenges of Online Betting

You should be aware that playing online betting means that all your transactions are conducted online. Therefore, choosing a reputable betting site is crucial, as it ensures the safety of all your bets. Currently, some of the best and most reputable betting sites on the market include 188BET, M88, K8, W88, KUBET, FB88.

Moreover, it's crucial to recognize fraudulent betting sites to avoid falling victim to scams. Recognizing such sites is relatively simple; they often lure users with attractive promotions such as cash bonuses and high winning probabilities.

Calculating Live Betting Winnings

When viewing Asian Handicap odds, you'll often encounter both positive (0.82) and negative odds (-0.97). So, what do these numbers mean in terms of reading football odds?

Positive odds: If you bet on odds with positive values, you'll win based on the formula: Winnings = Stake * Odds. For instance, if you bet 100k on a handicap (0 – 0.5) with odds of 0.89 and win, you'll win 89k. If you lose, you'll lose your entire stake.

Negative odds: If you bet on odds with negative values and win, you'll win 100% of your bet. If you lose, your loss is calculated as: Loss = Stake * Negative Odds. For example, if you bet 100k on a handicap (0-0.5) with odds of -0.97 and lose, your loss would be 97k.

These are the basics of reading live betting odds and some fundamental guidelines on how to interpret football odds on the sports product currently supported by the betting company. We hope that after reading this article, you'll feel more confident and informed when participating in online football betting. Wishing you all the best of luck and big wins!


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