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RADAR 10 .rar

To install and use these Docker images, you'll need to keep the above in mind while following their documentation. There are many ways to manage Docker images and containers too, so installation and maintenance of them will depend on the route you choose. hotio/radarr:release hotio doesn't specify any default volumes, besides /config. Images are automatically updated multiple times in an hour if upstream changes are found. Hotio also builds our Pull Requests which may be useful for testing. Read the instructions on how to install the image.

RADAR 10 .rar


If all checks pass, the script proceeds by disabling the PowerShell Script Block Logging and adds Windows Defender exclusions for ".lnk," ".rar," and ".exe" files and also for directories critical for the function of the malware.

When downloading files from the Internet you will often get an archive. The purpose of an archive among many is to reduce download size, reduce the number of files being downloaded to just one, provide a basic integrity check on the subject files, and sometimes provide additional security with the use of passwords. There are many archive types most commonly used of them are .zip, .rar. .7z, .tar.gz. Today we are going to speak about .zip archives. On Windows, there exist GUI archivers like WinZip, 7zip, or WinRAR, which are able to deal with most of the common archive types. Ubuntu Linux has a built-in Archive Manager that can be invoked by double-clicking on the .zip file in a GUI.

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For the last five years Trustwave has been monitoring a threat across a number of forensic cases that we have dubbed "Cherry Picker". This targeted Point of Sale (PoS) memory scraper has enjoyed a very low detection rate in the wild for quite some time. Cherry Picker uses a new memory scraping algorithm, a file infector for persistence, and cleaner malware that removes all traces of the infection from target systems. This sophisticated functionality and highly targeted victims have helped the malware remain under the radar of many AV and security companies. This post will expose the functionality of Cherry Picker and hopefully help organizations provide protection from this threat.

Cherry Picker enumerates the files in the %WINDIR%\System32 directory and builds a list of all .rar files that are found. It then begins to loop through the memory of the target process looking for CHD and writing it out to the file specified by the config for exfiltration. In version 3 of the malware, the author introduces a new technique for scraping memory using the API QueryWorkingSet. We will be releasing a follow up to this blog tomorrow detailing this technique.

The second thread is responsible for exfiltrating the file to the FTP server specified in the configuration file. This thread waits for the mutex to be released and then FTPs all .rar files contained in the global list to the FTP server. If the config is missing the FTP username or password, it will use the IP in the configuration file to perform a POST request to /update.php on the server. The archive is deleted after it is exfiltrated from the system.

Any malware author's main goal is to obtain target data while not being discovered or blocked by the owners of the target network. Cherry Picker was built to evade security controls through its use of configuration files, encryption, obfuscation, command line arguments and highly targeted victims. The introduction of a new way to parse memory and find CHD, a sophisticated file infector, and a targeted cleaner program have allowed this malware family to remain under the radar of many security and AV companies. Hopefully this post will raise awareness and drive further discussion of this malware family so that customers will be protected from this threat. 350c69d7ab


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