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Buy Red Bulls Tickets

What is "Zone Seating?" Can I request a specific row or seat?Sellers are often unable to confirm a section/row until seating has been assigned by the box office. As a result, "Zone Seating" tickets only guarantee attendees will be seated in a specific section of the venue. To ensure all guests are seated together, we recommend purchasing tickets in a single transaction.

buy red bulls tickets

How do I get more information about children's tickets, ADA seating, or parking for an event?Please contact the venue directly for more information as it can change depending on the event.

My voucher says it's been redeemed, how do I access my tickets?If an event has been postponed or rescheduled, your original tickets will be valid for the new date, or we will email you instructions on how to access new tickets if they have been reissued by the event organizer.

Thirty-seven years later, in the winter of 2021, Cole was watching a newscast one evening when a headline flashed on the screen. He immediately stumbled into the basement of his Connecticut home and turned the lights on. He almost slipped going down the stairs and made his way to the auxiliary closet and the plastic bin with "MIKE'S MEMORY BOX" written in Sharpie on recycled duct tape on the side. The manila folder was still in there, and the ticket, too, with all the other tickets, where it had landed for years after following him around for most of his adult life.

Cole's attendance became an erstwhile conversation piece as he aged and his recollections about the whole thing faded -- he'd long ago put the ticket away in the manila envelope in the plastic container. As the Bulls made playoff runs in the late '80s, and Jordan finally got past the Detroit Pistons in the early '90s, Cole found opportunities here or there to brag about being at MJ's very first game. But even after the sixth championship, it was merely another relic from some sporting event Cole had saved, along with about two dozen hockey, baseball and football tickets and a Cindy Crawford signed calendar from 1990, framed pictures of his mom and dad, purple pompoms from the Rose Bowl -- the ticket never seemed special beyond its personal value.

That it ever had any real value before last year was a different kind of conversation altogether, one about his father, old games and the reasons people hold on to anything at all. His dad was a D.C. lawyer; pretty much the only time they hung out was when they attended events together. Cole left home to attend Northwestern, and as a surprise, his dad had called a friend in the Bullets' front office and had him leave Mike two tickets at will call to Jordan's first game. All these years later, Cole hated the idea of letting any of his tickets go, of giving them to someone else who couldn't understand and hadn't actually been there.

Mike unconsciously checked the Heritage app every few minutes on his phone. The ticket had been out of his possession for 23 days by then and in the air-controlled confines of an auction-house vault, promoted by Heritage online and in a 646-page Winter Sports Collectibles catalogue with holographic cover: "1984 Michael Jordan NBA Debut Chicago Bulls Full Ticket, PSA Authentic -- The Only Known Example!" A three-page foldout showed a close-up of the front and back of the ticket, fastened into its translucent case, highlighting the creased left flap that hadn't been torn away. All the other known tickets from the game, around 30 total, were stubs with that same left edge in various states of having been torn.

Before he left Sliders to go home and prepare for the neighbors, he placed the manila folder on the table, taking care to avoid getting it greasy with wing sauce. The Jordan ticket wasn't there anymore, of course, and he let the other tickets fall onto the table to show that he didn't save every one and that none of the tickets he kept would be easy to get rid of. A couple of large Final Four tickets, a Wrestlemania II ticket, a World Series ticket. An Orange Bowl ticket his father purchased for OU vs. Washington when the Sooners got penalized after the covered wagon came onto the field and got stuck in the grass. The Rose Bowl ticket when Northwestern lost to USC (the purple pompom from the game back in the memory box). One of the greatest hockey games of all time, the championship of the 2009 Frozen Four that Boston U won in OT not long before his dad had a stroke. In most cases, he never looked at the tickets he'd saved again.

Mike Cole surely would've been one of the 13,900 fans arriving from the streetside, stopping in front of the will-call window through the entrance on the edge of Madison, reaching his hand into the space in front of the teller to retrieve the two tickets. Then going into Gate 5 of the stadium, where an usher ripped one of the tickets into a stub, he had no idea what he would've done except drop it to the ground. He would've taken his place in the second level in the fourth seat from the aisle, among the crowd -- nearly 4,000 short of a sellout -- in Section P, Seat 4, light jacket folded into the seat next to him, Seat 3.

A company called Globe Ticket, in 1984, printed the tickets, a physical copy for every seat in the house for every game. There were five versions, and Mike Cole ended up with what became the most sought-after, inarguably the prettiest-looking, version the Bulls printed for season-ticket holders with the red border and the Bulls logo and the Chicago Stadium imprint on the front. The other versions were less visually appealing, certainly, the box office versions that were plain blue and flat white with no logo, strange color choices when it came to the Bulls. The fourth ticket type was sold at Ticketron Sears and Carson's store outlets with nothing discernable in the rainbow coloring that had any connection to the team at all. And a fifth version that had been discovered, mistakenly printed with the Chicago Blackhawks' logo.

"A lot of things happened in the last three years that altered the course of the importance in value of these tickets," says Simeon Lipman, a sports memorabilia appraiser for Antiques Roadshow for the last 25 years. "The first thing, the pandemic. The second thing, the demise of Kobe. His death started this nostalgia. The third thing, unbelievably important, was the documentary, 'The Last Dance.' You had all these people who are very nostalgic for a moment in time -- the '80s, '90s, early 2000s, all these kids who are now in their 30s and 40s. The tickets are some of the rarest pieces of ephemera that you can put at the event. What people started to realize, Jordan's debut is top of the mountain as far as tickets are concerned, this unbelievably important piece of ephemera, there's barely any of it out there. People have the basketball card, the Jordan 1s, but not a ticket to his debut game. ... Tickets in general are becoming extinct. People don't have paper tickets anymore. They have it on their phone."

A few months after the auction, he really started to wonder if he made the wrong decision, almost to the point of paranoia. This became a type of torture, the second-guessing, the looking at other stubs at auction that had surfaced since his ticket sold and checking the prices of each -- he'd made some kind of mistake, and now there was no way to go back and recoup something priceless. "I'm a panicker," he admitted. "Should I have waited?" There was again the knowledge of his father calling to purchase the tickets as a surprise, to expand his worldview, as a way to get him out of the dorm and into the big city freshman year.

THE TICKET's importance wasn't lost on the two brothers who went in together to purchase it from Heritage Auctions, both in their 30s and residing in Miami. Cole's assumption was that whoever bought it would be looking to expand his or her portfolio, to make an investment, plain and simple. That it wouldn't be a real Jordan fan, at all, which was a thought that verged, for him, on disgust. But though the buyer(s) had listed the ticket immediately for sale after purchase (for nearly $700,000), and were businessmen of some capacity and means, he was wrong, partly. One of the brothers wrote to ESPN through an intermediary that he'd "gotten into" tickets as a collectors' item. But this particular one, Cole's ticket, the attractiveness of it, the red in the Bulls logo, the Chicago Stadium imprint in the middle, that it was completely intact, he was obsessed about "what it meant," even though "nothing special necessarily happened" during the course of that game.

On the day of his first NBA game, he would've taken the Edens Expressway to the Kennedy, and pulled off at Ogden Avenue downtown near Chicago Stadium, where in the years to come, a group of young kids stuck around all day just to watch him drive by. Even when he was the most famous person in the world, he would still stop to talk to them before games and leave them tickets. He had a deal with Chicagoland Chevrolet in those early years, and he also owned a Corvette. It scared the team because he drove too fast.

You can reach us at 1300 651 607 or or by writing to Ticketmaster Resale at Level 5, 364 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. If you're contacting us before the event has taken place use phone or email to make sure we have time to try to source alternative tickets.

Contact us at any time prior to the event, although please note if it's within 5 days of the event taking place it may be more difficult to source alternative tickets and your options may be limited to receiving a refund. If you are contacting us after the event has taken place because you experienced problems with your tickets, you must do so within 5 days of the event to make sure we can take the issue up with the seller in good time. However, please note that if you received incorrect tickets but didn't contact us before the event took place you won't be able to claim under the Ticketmaster Guarantee. You should check your tickets carefully when they arrive to make sure they match the ones you purchased. 041b061a72


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