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Identity Tamil Movie 720p Hd [BETTER] Download

Aranmanai 3 movie: A ghostly revisitAranmanai 3 is a Tamil horror film that recounts the story of a young girl who is haunted by a spirit in her childhood. When she grows up, she discovers the same spirit is distressing a family member and decides to unearth the truth of its identity. This Tamil movie was released after a considerable delay, thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Identity Tamil Movie 720p Hd Download

Young Jyothi is haunted by a spirit during her childhood before her father sends her off to a boarding school. When she returns home many years later, she discovers that the same spirit is haunting one of her relatives. She decides to find the identity of the spirit and summons some priests to exorcise the place. Will Jyothi and the priests succeed in banishing the spirit forever? Or are there more twists to the tale? Watch the movie to find out.

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