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Buy Real Counterfeit Money

When the Bank of England learned that the artist J.S.G. Boggs was making money, the authorities were not pleased. On October 31, 1986, three inspectors from Scotland Yard raided an exhibition of his currency at the Young Unknowns Gallery in London, and placed him under arrest. Though his banknotes were drawn by hand, bearing his own signature as chief cashier, the British government pressed charges under Section 18 of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, threatening to end his career with a forty-year prison sentence.

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Eventually Boggs was acquitted. His lawyers persuaded the jury that even "a moron in a hurry" would never mistake his drawings for pounds sterling. In truth, the threat posed by his art had nothing to do with counterfeiting. If the Bank of England had reason to be anxious, it was because people knowingly accepted Boggs bills in lieu of banknotes.

That became the model for every transaction that followed. Wherever Boggs was, he drew the local currency by hand, and whenever he wanted to buy something, he offered his drawing at face value. In this way, he paid for food and clothing and transportation. However he would not retail drawings to collectors. If collectors wanted to buy, he'd sell them the change and receipt from a transaction, leaving them to locate his drawing and negotiate with the merchant who'd accepted it instead of cash. In that way, he created an alternate economy based on an equivalence between money and art: the inherent uselessness of both that makes the value of each arbitrary.

This correspondence could easily have been tendered as a critique of the art market, and it had been in the past. For instance, in the early 1970s, the conceptual artist Ed Kienholz stenciled ever-increasing sums of money on sheets of paper, each of which he sold successively for the indicated amount, starting at $1 and eventually reaching $10,000. What makes Boggs so compelling is that he reversed the equation. He doesn't tell us that art is absurd, but breaks out of the museum-gallery complex, leveraging the absurdity of art to question the sanity of finance.

Ditching the museum-gallery complex has boundless advantages, most conspicuously exploited by street artists such as Banksy. The bane of law-and-order fanatics, their misbehavior blasts through barriers of money and power even when those partitions cannot literally be breached: On the concrete wall built by Israeli security to blockade the Palestinian territory, Banksy has illicitly stenciled pictures of small girls frisking armed soldiers, and masked insurgents hurling bouquets of flowers. Violating military regulations to spread messages of peace in a universal visual language, Banksy animates painting as both image and action.

First, there was the guy who swiped $40 from Girl Scouts who were raising money to buy cookies for soldiers overseas. Now, there are the man and woman who reportedly managed to steal both cookies and cash from a southern California troop by using counterfeit money.

The thieves apparently bought several boxes of cookies and paid with counterfeit $50 bills, thus receiving their change in real cash, ABC affiliate KABC reports. The Girl Scouts had even tested the bills with a counterfeit detection pen, but they passed the test.

When sending money by mail, use money orders as a safe alternative to cash and personal checks. U.S. Postal Service money orders are affordable, widely accepted, and never expire. Your money order receipt will help you track your payment and show proof of value in case the money order gets lost, stolen, or damaged.

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The defendants initially were charged in a criminal complaint filed Sept. 29 in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan. The complaint alleged that in June 2011 investigators for Target contacted the U.S. Secret Service regarding a group of individuals traveling the country passing counterfeit $100 bills at Target stores to buy gift cards or merchandise. Typically, the persons involved would purchase a $20 gift card and receive $80 in change.

The indictment alleges that McDaniel, Robertson, Harris and Brown conspired from May 27, 2011, to September 7, 2011, to produce and pass counterfeit bills. It alleges counterfeit bills were passed on the following dates and at the following places:

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