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Download Wavecom W-code Digital Data Software Decoder For 17l

PACTOR-4 is an adaptive transmission mode that provides higher throuput and better communication reliability compared to Pactor-I, -II and -III modes. Pactor-4 mode completes the Pactor series in all Wavecom decoders: W-CODE, W-PCI, W-PCIe and W74PC. TETRAPOL is a digital voice and data communication system for mobile services and used for public safety and civilian PMR (Public Mobile Radio). It is running in VHF/UHF band. Other significant improvements and new features are:

Download Wavecom W-code Digital Data Software Decoder For 17l

We upgraded our LAN decoder systems W-PCIe-LAN and W-PCI-LAN. A spacious 1000 GB solid state disk (SSD) is built in as mass data storage device. This configuration enables our LAN decoder systems to record wideband signals as well &#x97 a must-have functionality in signal intelligence (SIGINT). Detail specification see brochures W-PCIe-LAN and W-PCI-LAN. Pending orders will be delivered with this data storage extension without surcharge. No price change in all valid offers. Already delivered Wavecom LAN decoder systems can be upgraded with this storage extension. Please write to to get a quotation.

We have launched a new decoder system in hardware and software — W74PC. W74PC offers four completely independent digital down converter (DDC) inputs at IF and AF level, ideally suited for connection to narrowband and broadband receivers and wideband down converters. W74PC has an in-card license and delivers a modern complete solution in classification, decoding and monitoring with various interfaces in hardware and software. No external USB license dongle is necessary anymore. 350c69d7ab


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