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Buy Rado Watches Online Usa

No collection of luxury watches would be complete without a few hand-picked Rado watches for sale. One of the elements that set Rado watches apart is their extraordinary caliber of design. From delicate ceramic finishings to elegant diamond accents, each watch blends the influences of the past and the future to perfection. Whether you prefer more understated or statement-making designs, each watch is perfectly balanced on the wrist, with an aesthetic that is at once timelessly chic and distinctively in the moment.

buy rado watches online usa

As all lovers of fine timekeeping know, Switzerland is at the heart of the luxury watch industry. Over the past century, Rado has drawn on the most reputable Swiss watchmaking traditions while pushing the industry forward with cutting edge techniques, innovative materials, and forward-looking designs. Rado watches are both technologically advanced and socially conscious, and all diamonds used in Rado watches for sale adhere to the Kimberley process and are conflict-free.

Rado prides itself in using modern alchemy to improve and produce timepieces that stand the test of time. Aside from the Rado ceramic watch, the brand incorporates progressive materials and on-trend designs to create watches that go well with almost any occasion. See how Rado went beyond the usual stainless-steel timepieces by getting to know some of its finest collections.

When it comes to the Rado watch price tags in this collection, with every increase in size comes the rise in its cost. This is because of the extravagant materials present in the timepieces of this well-loved collection. Aside from the stunning diamonds, most of the Rado watches in the Centrix collection also feature a power reserve that lasts up to 80 hours.

Due to its wide selection of versatile pieces, fans of Rado Swiss watches prepare an estimate of $600-1,800 USD before purchasing their desired models from the True collection. However, the Rado True Secret Diamonds, the recent addition to the True collection, costs approximately $2,600 USD.

Rado Swiss watches consider the Rado Golden Horse collection as one its most successful breakthroughs in the watchmaking industry. The limited-edition selection of watches that was released in 1957 gained enough attention to building the fame of the Rado luxury brand that we know of today. The exceptional quality of the timepieces continues to be one of the best standard design long-lasting wristwatches.

In 1990, Rado launched the Rado Ceramica collection and changed the course of its watchmaking expertise forever. The minimalist style combined with high-tech ceramic material of the timepieces became key elements to future Rado Swiss watches. Rado eventually released more Ceramica collections and selections that featured more advancement to the company's signature high-tech ceramic materials.

Before Rado's rise to fame in the watchmaking industry, the Swiss company got its humble start in Lengnau, Switzerland in 1917. Back then, brothers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schulp built their watchmaking factory and named it The Schlup & Co. They eventually changed their company name to Rado after becoming one of the world's largest producers of watches following the end of World War II.

A Battle of mid-tier SWATCH group brandsIf you are anything like me, the mention of the SWATCH group conjures up 2 extremes to Swiss watchmaking. There is the premium luxury led by flagship brand Omega, a legitimate rival to industry powerhouse Rolex in providing robust luxury watches with real history and brand cache.

Today, Longines is a brand that caters to both watch enthusiasts and average consumers alike. There are two sides to Longines as a current manufacturer. They specialize in creating value-packed, albeit safe, entry-level luxury watches, such as the Hydroconquest. Then there is the other side to Longines. One that digs back into its historical catalog and creates beautiful vintage reinterpretations.

Longines, like any other SWATCH group brand, presents an opportunity for significant value. Depending on the popularity of the model you are after, you might be able to negotiate a discount off of the MSRP. Although it is far from a guarantee, it is at least a possibility, unlike that other AD with a nonexistent waitlist. Another factor in play with this equation is the tremendous value Longines watches present preowned.

Do Rado watches hold their value? Much like Longines, certain models will retain their value to a fair extent. Their popular models will lose roughly 30-50% once you purchase them. Discounts are certainly a possibility for these models which would help close some of that depreciation gap. In terms of Value, preowned will be the best option available.

Some of the less desirable, more futuristic-looking Rado watches, will generally depreciate at a higher percentage. Despite this value depreciation, if I had to bet on which of these would have the potential to increase in value over time, I would go for the most Rado looking Rado I could find!

When it comes to the most popular watches to compare between these brands, Rado is easy, it is Captain Cook. Longines are a little more difficult to pinpoint. They have 2 models that meet these criteria the Hydroconquest and the Legend Diver. Since I am weak and could not choose a definitive option, I will compare Captain Cook to each of these models and even pick which one would get my hard-earned money.

How does the Longines Legend Diver compare to the Rado Captain Cook? Again on paper, we are presented with two pretty comparable timepieces, but this time there is a price difference of roughly $400 toward the Longines. For this extra investment, the differences will once again mostly be aesthetic. I love both of the designs of these watches personally, but there is a reason that Longines has had this recreation in production for 15 years.

I have to give a slight advantage to Longines, even after factoring in the price difference. The Legend Diver presents itself as a more unique option in a very overpopulated market segment of vintage recreation dive watches. Each brand was able to score a victory over the other in these head to heads and in many ways, this is representative of how these brands compare overall.

On the flip side of this, before their recent push, Longines seemed to be a little lost. They struggled with their position within the SWATCH group and released some pretty questionable watches that appeared to try and capitalize on their name recognition with the average consumer. Thankfully, those days are mostly behind us, and Longines is primed to rise in the ranks of the SWATCH group hierarchy.

Both of these brands offer a great entryway into the world of luxury watches, and I would be proud to wear either of these brands on my wrist. If this comparison proves anything, it is the value that exists within the SWATCH group. Omega receives a lot of attention from watch enthusiasts, and deservedly so, but mid-tier brands like Longines and Rado present tremendous value to watch enthusiasts and average consumers alike.

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Since the founding of the brand, watches of the highest quality have always been created. Now we will endorse this fully by offering a full 7 year warranty (terms and conditions apply as per the current warranty). Today you get a 2 year warranty and then upon registering your purchase Online with us, we will extend this by a further 5 years, taking it to an impressive 7 years in total.

Our passion for watchmaking has been part of our brand DNA since 1888. Our new Competence Skeleton III is a homage to our love for watchmaking, by showcasing the brain of the timepiece, we give you a real insight on how our genuine Swiss Made watches are brought to life. 041b061a72


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