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What is European Handicap? How to Play European Handicap and Win Easily

Betting on European odds has become a popular choice among many enthusiasts and bettors. As a result, there is a significant interest in understanding how to accurately predict and interpret these odds. The question often arises: what sets European odds apart from Asian odds? To help you gain a comprehensive understanding of this type of bet, top soccer tips provides detailed information and insights below. By delving into the nuances and characteristics of European odds, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions and enhance your betting strategy.


Also known as 1×2 odds, European odds are considered one of the most popular types of betting odds today. The advantage of this type of bet is that it is easy to play, easy to understand, and not as complicated as Asian handicap odds.

However, 1×2 betting requires careful calculation and consideration from the player. When participating in this type of bet, players will have three options: Win – Lose – Draw. The bookmaker will offer different odds for each choice in every match.

With European odds, players do not need to concern themselves with the final score but only need to predict which team will win. Like other types of bets, 1×2 betting applies to the first half, the second half, and the entire match.

Although 1×2 is considered easy to play, winning can be challenging if you do not grasp the basic knowledge. Besides the main bets, many bookmakers also offer various side bets to entice players. Therefore, players should be very cautious to avoid falling into these traps.


On the odds board provided by win tips today, European odds will be listed under the 1×2 column, with the home team written at the top and the away team written below. In the third row, players will see the word 'tie' (draw). This symbol represents the draw result between the two teams.

When learning how to read European odds, many people often wonder why in some matches, the team on top is written in red, while in other matches it is written below. In reality, the team marked in red represents the higher-rated team compared to their opponent.

When reading 1×2 bets, you will see three vertical rows corresponding to three odds. This corresponds to the outcomes of the home team winning, drawing, and losing, respectively. The 1×2 corresponds to:

1: Home team

X: Symbol for a draw between the two teams

2: Away team

Any bet the player chooses will correspond to the amount they win if they are successful. With the three possible outcomes, bettors have a 33.33% chance of winning. This is a fairly high rate for beginners in betting. However, to bet effectively, you need to understand how to read European odds for each tournament and each specific match.

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Although the two types of handicaps may seem similar, their differences can be categorized into three parts: symbols or wildcards, numerical variations, and match outcomes. We will discuss each of these in more detail below.


One of the main differences between these two types of handicaps is how they use different symbols to represent them.

In Asian handicap betting, it focuses on the skill of a specific team, so it uses raw symbols like '-1.5' and/or '+1.5' to add or subtract points for the stronger and/or weaker team.

Meanwhile, because European handicap betting offers a draw result and is determined based on relative ability, it uses ratios like '0:1'.


Another difference that distinguishes these two types of betting is how they use numerical variations. As mentioned above, Asian handicap betting has various variations, including quarter, half, and whole ball handicaps, whereas European handicap betting only uses whole number variations.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the main difference between these two types of betting is their corresponding match outcomes. In Asian handicap betting, there are only two possible outcomes – a lead for the home team or the away team. In contrast, European handicap betting offers three possible outcomes. Bettors can choose to bet on the home team, the away team, or a draw.


Through the comprehensive article provided by Wintips, you have acquired a more detailed and nuanced understanding of European odds and the methods to read them effectively. Moreover, the article has clarified the distinctions between European and Asian betting odds, highlighting their unique characteristics and applications. By dedicating some time to further research and odd analysis predictions, bettors can significantly improve their ability to make informed and strategic choices. We extend our best wishes to all players, hoping you achieve success and experience the most enjoyable and relaxing moments in your betting endeavors. May your future bets be both thrilling and rewarding!


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