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What You Need to Know About Williamson's Wonders 42.pdf: The Only Book on David Williamson's Magic

David Williamson's Wonders 42.pdf: A Review of a Classic Magic Book

If you are a fan of magic, you have probably heard of David Williamson. He is one of the most talented, hilarious, and influential magicians of our time. His performances are full of surprises, laughter, and astonishment. His magic is not only entertaining, but also highly original and deceptive.

David Williamson Williamson's Wonders 42.pdf

But where did he get his ideas from? How did he develop his style and techniques? What are his secrets and tips for creating memorable magic?

In this article, we will review one of his most famous books, Williamson's Wonders, which was written by Richard Kaufman and published by Kaufman and Greenberg in 1989. This book contains some of his best routines with cards, coins, and cups and balls, as well as his famous two-cup routine with Rocky Raccoon. We will explore the contents of the book, highlight some of the most impressive effects, and explain why this book is a must-read for any serious magician.


Who is David Williamson?

David Williamson is a professional magician who was born in Ohio in 1960. He started learning magic at the age of 12, after seeing a magician perform at his school. He soon became obsessed with magic and practiced every day. He joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians and attended magic conventions, where he met and learned from some of the legends of magic, such as Dai Vernon, Michael Skinner, Roger Klause, and Larry Jennings.

He also developed his own style and personality, combining comedy, improvisation, and sleight of hand. He won several awards for his magic, including the Gold Cups Award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 1981. He became a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he impressed both audiences and fellow magicians with his skill and humor.

He has also appeared on many TV shows, such as The World's Greatest Magic, Champions of Magic, Fool Us, and Magic for Humans. He has also worked as a consultant and producer for several magic shows and movies, such as The Illusionist, Now You See Me 2, and Magic Camp. He is currently the host of Magic Camp Live!, an online interactive magic show for kids.

What is Williamson's Wonders?

Williamson's Wonders is the only book ever published on the magic of David Williamson. It was written by Richard Kaufman, a renowned magic author and publisher, who also illustrated the book with detailed drawings. The book contains 57 entries, covering various aspects of Williamson's magic.

The book is divided into four sections: Foreword by Max Maven, The Wonderful Coin Vanish, The Striking Vanish and its Applications, and Other Routines. The book covers some of Williamson's most famous and original effects, such as:

  • The Wonderful Coin Vanish: a coin vanish that uses a clever combination of sleights and subtleties to create a convincing illusion of a coin disappearing in the air.

  • Cross-Eyed Coins Across: a coins across routine that uses a novel method of switching coins between the hands.

  • Rebate: a coin production that uses a thumb tip and a pen cap to create a surprising sound effect.

  • The Striking Vanish: a versatile technique for vanishing or changing small objects with a wand or a finger.

  • Coin from Pen Cap: a coin production that uses the striking vanish and a pen cap to create a visual and audible effect.

  • Rocky Raccoon Routine: a hilarious routine with a spring animal puppet that involves comedy, audience participation, and magic.

  • Torn and Restored Transposition: a card trick that combines a torn and restored card effect with a transposition effect.

  • Cups and Balls Routine: a classic routine with three cups and four balls that showcases Williamson's skill and humor.

The book also contains many tips, variations, and anecdotes from Williamson, as well as comments and references from Kaufman. The book is written in a clear and engaging style, with plenty of humor and personality. The book is not only informative, but also entertaining and inspiring.

Why is this book important for magicians?

Williamson's Wonders is an important book for magicians for several reasons. First of all, it showcases the magic of one of the most creative and influential magicians of our time. Williamson's magic is not only original and deceptive, but also fun and memorable. His magic reflects his personality, which is playful, spontaneous, and charismatic. His magic is not only about fooling people, but also about making them laugh and enjoy themselves.

Secondly, the book teaches valuable lessons about magic theory and practice. Williamson's magic is based on solid principles of misdirection, psychology, timing, and presentation. He also explains the reasoning behind his choices and methods, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. He also shares his insights and advice on how to improve one's magic skills, such as practicing, performing, scripting, improvising, and handling spectators.

Thirdly, the book provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration for magicians. The book contains many effects that can be adapted or modified for different situations and preferences. The book also encourages magicians to experiment and explore their own creativity and style. The book shows that magic can be fun, flexible, and personal.

Main Content

The Wonderful Coin Vanish

The first section of the book is dedicated to one of Williamson's signature effects: the wonderful coin vanish. This is a coin vanish that uses a clever combination of sleights and subtleties to create a convincing illusion of a coin disappearing in the air. The effect is simple but powerful: the magician shows a coin in his right hand, then tosses it into his left hand. He then opens his left hand to show that the coin has vanished.

The secret behind this effect is a series of moves that allow the magician to secretly retain the coin in his right hand while making it appear that he has thrown it into his left hand. The moves are:

  • The magician holds the coin in classic palm position in his right hand.

  • He then moves his right hand towards his left hand as if he is going to toss the coin into it.

  • As he does so, he slightly bends his right index finger and clips the coin between his index finger and his thumb. This releases the coin from classic palm position without letting it fall.

  • He then flicks his right thumb against his index finger as he pretends to toss the coin into his left hand. This creates an audible sound that simulates the sound of the coin hitting his left hand.

  • He then closes his left hand as if he has caught the coin, while keeping his right hand relaxed and open. He then moves both hands away from each other as if he has completed the toss.

  • He then opens his left hand to show that the coin has vanished, while keeping his right hand casually at his side with the coin still clipped between his index finger and thumb.

This sequence of moves creates a strong impression that the coin has been tossed from one hand to another, while in reality it never leaves the right hand. The key points to make this effect work are:



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