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Rio Dvd Region Free Player Crack

When launched, players were built around the optical drive of the PlayStation 3 and were extremely expensive. The model sold by Sony was built around the Blu-ray Disc's own laser, and was one of the first Blu-ray Disc drives to be released as a consumer product. For at least a year, only one model of the PlayStation 3 was equipped with a Blu-ray drive, the 700GB model. Another drive was available on selected models for approximately one year, the 400GB/500GB BD-ROM drive. There was also a model that was sold with a Blu-ray drive as well as a DVD drive, but this model was discontinued. [88] This drive was available in two regions, North America and Europe, with the region of the drive being selected via the settings during the PlayStation 3's initial setup. [89] This was needed to enable playing of BD discs, region A discs, or region B discs. [90] A post-launch firmware update allowed playing of either region and allowed region-free disc playing. [91] Any other region playing was achieved by a hardware modification. [92]

rio dvd region free player crack

Sony released the PlayStation 3 in late 2006 with a Blu-ray Disc player built in. The last model released was the 500 GB unit, which was available with a single Blue-ray Disc layer and a Dual Layer Disc (720 MB or 1.92 GB) and was retailed for $199, double the price of an original PlayStation 3 Slim. [89] Both the 500 GB and the original 500 GB Slim were kept in stock at the PlayStation Store for a limited time after release. For some models the DVD drive was compatible with the Blu-ray drive, allowing region changing without modifying the original drive. Sony later released a slim PS3 with a standard Blu-ray drive which, upon modification, is able to play both Blu-ray and DVD discs. A video on how to complete the modification process was posted to YouTube by the PlayStation Community Team on 2 July 2007. Even though a lot of people purchased Blu-ray Discs for their PS3 consoles, the format was not widely adopted in North America and Europe. The most popular Blu-ray Disc is selling only in Japan and China, due to its higher cost. [91]


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