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Angry Birds 3: Why It's the Most Fun and Challenging Game Ever

It is thought that this game takes place a year after Angry Birds 2. The pigs are at it again! The pigs have stolen the eggs, and the birds have to get them back. The pigs have also stolen the Golden Egg from Golden Island, which Stella and her friends try to get back.

angry birds 3

Aim the black bird at the row just under the first dice and DON'T explode him. If you hit it right he will explode and take out 3 of the pigs. Then you are left with the two white birds to get the last pig on the end.

It's not as daunting as it looks, actually. Your exploding bird must land in amongst the concrete directly above the second pig from the left (about halfway up the structure). When it explodes it will take out the first three pigs in one hit. Remember that you can pre-detonate a bomb bird even after it's landed and gone red to time your ordnance perfectly. This leaves your MOAB birds to clear the smashed and fallen masonry from above the last pig and let the shockwave from the last one kill the porker. Good luck!

The real Angry Birds game icon, Red is a Northern Cardinal known for his short temper, leadership, and extreme hate of the green pigs.In addition, the Red Angry Bird developed his anger issues from being deserted by his parents before hatching and being bullied by other birds [1].

Stella is an adventurous and friendly young bird from the Angry Birds Stella video game. One of the real Angry Birds characters based on a Galah, Stella is like a cheerleader bird and is considered the least furious of all the other birds in the franchise.

Bottomless Cave lies this boss, where he rests with the other beastly brute pigs. He is very similar to the regular Brawler, except he stuns the target for 3 turns, causing major mayhem without the right birds. He also appears as the Workshop guarder in Winter Wonderland - 5, and appears as a recurring "mid-boss" in the Chronicle Cave.

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She appears in the rare Golden Clouds Castle, where Wealthy Rogues and Golden Pigs defend the land. She appears at the end, heavily trying to headbutt your birds. However, her head gets hurt after she uses it thus rendering her stunned for one turn. She rewards more Lucky Coins than their children, being 10 Lucky Coins.

This episode again takes place on the plains of Episode 1. The King Pig attempts to swap out the Angry Birds eggs with cardboard cutouts. This is the only Episode where the King Pig appears twice (because of the cardboard cutout he uses to deceive the birds) and the only episode where he escapes (again thanks to the cutout) without getting an avian beat down. Episode 2 is the last episode with 21 levels per theme.


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