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A retrospective review from AllMusic was negative, awarding the album 2 stars and calling it the worst album of the original group's catalogue.[10] The review specifically pointed out "Restless" and "In Dulce Decorum" as meandering, and noted that the tracks "Psychomania" and "Anything" were the only tracks that "generate anything approximating the energy of the Damned's best music".[10]


When later asked about the Phantasmagoria and Anything albums, Vanian said that "some of the production in retrospect could have been done a little better, but it was the '80's. Some of those songs were just as heartfelt as anything that had gone before despite the frills and ruffles".[2]

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\u201CI should be in university,\u201D she said. But her life\u2019s work is activism. \u201CI have no choice,\u201D she said, her voice breaking on the phone. Each day, Baig said, she\u2019s fighting to secure the world\u2019s future. And she wants to know, in this critical moment: are you doing anything to help secure hers? 041b061a72


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