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Herkese Açık·63 üye

ABZU Deluxe Edition

If you're a big fan of Journey, then this is something you absolutely need to check out. Abzu was born from the mind of the aforementioned game's art director, though instead of frolicking over glistening sand dunes you're diving deep into beautiful, living underwater worlds. Schools of fish drift overhead as stunning kelp forests sway in ocean currents, and you never know when you might run into procedurally responsive fish, orcas, blue whales or even submerged ancient ruins. Beyond the breathtaking visuals, there's a mysterious narrative to unravel and copious secrets to track down. As much nature simulator as it is interactive art piece, this $5.61 steal will appeal to gamers looking for something serene, moving and emotionally challenging. Note: The deluxe version comes with the amazing soundtrack, which you'll want to download immediately.

ABZU Deluxe Edition



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