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Where Can I Buy Marriott Gift Cards

Marriott uses a third-party system to administer their gift cards, and there are separate usernames and passwords to access it. The property must withdraw the amount from the gift card and post it to the folio.

where can i buy marriott gift cards

Marriott has sent out targeted emails today offering some Bonvoy members the opportunity to save 20% when buying their gift cards. These transactions should code as a Marriott purchase which adds a couple of additional benefits to the deal.

One thing to note is that these gift cards are denominated in US Dollars and are best redeemed in the US. Properties are notorious for charging massive spreads when converting local currency into Dollars. The 20 percent will be eroded.

*Please note, Bourbon Steak branded gift cards with elevated custom packaging are available for physical mail delivery or in-person pick-up only. Mailed gift cards will incur an additional flat-rate mailing and handling fee. To order a Marriott e-gift card, click here (these cards qualify for redemption spend in Bourbon Steak but will be not be a physical gift card, they are electronic/digital and Marriott branded).

Knowing that Marriott Bonvoy gift cards have no expiry date, it could be a good deal to get 15% off your future stays! Especially since we are in a period where it is better to pay for your stays in cash than to redeem points.

However, if you already have planned a stay and expect to use the bar, restaurant or book spa treatments, you can buy a gift card for the amount you expect to spend during your stay. Just keep in mind that the gift cards are in USD, and conversation rates in Euro are not always the best. However, with 20% off you can't do anything wrong.

It's important to remember that while e-gift cards are convenient, they are not without risk. Personal information is required when purchasing them online, and it's up to the company to protect that data. If you have a balance on an e-gift card or regular gift card, treat it like cash, keep the numbers in a secure location, and use a credit card when making the purchase.

To avoid any fraudulent activity, regularly monitor the balance and any transactions on travel funds and gift cards. It's better to use them sooner rather than later, and if any issues arise, contact the company directly for assistance.

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