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Family Blood Subtitles English

Parents need to know that Blood Red Sky is a particularly gory take on vampires and plane hijackings. The violence is explicit, in abundance, and gruesome. The film also turns on the emotional drama of a mother and son in dire circumstances that they know they may not survive. The small child will ultimately have to make the decision whether his mother, a vampire whose vicious nature is only kept in check by her love for her son, can be saved or not. She and other vampires savagely attack their prey, human and animal, and suck their blood, which they can't live without. The airplane hijackers kill passengers in cold blood. People, including women and children, are threatened, held at gunpoint, stabbed, shot, wounded, poisoned, trampled, get in fist fights, are set on fire, have teeth pulled out, forced to inject themselves, die from lack of oxygen, suffer an amputation by axe, writhe in pain, and bleed profusely. Military and medical professionals don't believe a child's story and inject him with a sleep agent against his will. Civilians have to fly and land the plane. Language in the spoken English and subtitles (some dialogues are in German) include a lot of use and variations on "f--k," "s--t," "bitch," and "arsehole." Terrorists attempt to make several Muslim passengers scapegoats for the hijacking.

Family Blood subtitles English

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After five years away, Jonas returns home and becomes a park ranger in a national park where he takes care of visitors and nature, but also serves as law enforcement, firefighter and mountain rescuer. He must use his many practical talents, empathy and dedication with family, friends and colleagues. Only his love life is lacking direction. From Walter Presents, in German with English subtitles. 041b061a72


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