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Sometimes even more modest intentions don't get satisfied. Quite a few of / these big-eyed dog shots feel like visual one-liners that merely extend a Wegman product line that has bowwowed the art market. The pictures of Fay Ray dressed up in gowns and colonial housedresses are one step removed from those wallpaper murals of poker-playing bulldogs. Put her on roller skates, as Wegman has done, and she's just the thinking man's J. Fred Muggs.

Maybe it was Wegman's own sense of dwindling returns from the dog pictures that led him to take up painting. His large canvases are covered in a thin, mottled wash of acrylic. It gives them the look of oversize watercolors, bringing to mind anything from the mists of J.M.W. Turner to Raoul Dufy's sunny mats of pigment. Bobbing to the surface of this broth are simple images -- planes, ships, cowboys, Greek temples, water sprinklers -- that Wegman adapts from such feeders to the collective unconscious as grade-school readers and illustrated encyclopedias. The aim may be to bring these generic memories into a suggestive mix or to poke at the juvenile sources of our mature assumptions, but Wegman's room-temperature musings don't clinch yet. You smile and wait for his ideas to coalesce, but . . . nothing.

The avatars move stiffly, but if you click on the right spot, SL will "animate your avatar'' so it can climb, surf or do a swan dive. You and an AV friend can tango like stars or - if you click on the right spot in a mature area - have sex in more positions than you can count.

Some apparently crave sex as well, and engage in what they call "age-play'' in mature areas. Such depictions may not violate U.S. child pornography laws, but European laws are more broadly written, and there is a threat of civil litigation. Second Life is a business, after all, and the Lindens worry that bad publicity could drive off customers. In May, "Daniel Linden'' announced in the official SL blog that depictions or avatar portrayals involving sex and minors were prohibited, along with depictions of sexual violence and "other broadly offensive content.''

The new policy was tested this week at "Second Pride,'' SL's celebration of gay, lesbian, transgender and other alternate lifestyles. The Pride Committee decreed that child avatars would be treated as the ages they represent, not their RL age, that they would be kept out of areas rated mature, and that they had to be accompanied by parent/guardian AVs.

Home Rule and Holy Pictures mix comedy with tragedy to critiquethe damaging relationships of Elinore and Daisy with their daughters andhusbands. Michael Patrick Gillespie describes "the particularly Irishliterary inclination to integrate comedy (especially when tinged withridicule) into the most tragic of topics" (1996: 121). Boylan may havelearned that technique from Swift, Joyce, Beckett, Molly Keane, and FlannO'Brien. Comedy does not detract from Boylan's fiction'sdepth, however. Mikhail Bakhtin writes that through laughter, "the worldis seen anew, no less (and perhaps more) profoundly than when seen from theserious standpoint" (1968: 66). That may be particularly true for themarginalized woman writer questioning disparities of gender. "From Behn... there exists a tradition of women's comedy informed by and speakingto the experience of being female in a world where that experience isdevalued" (Barreca 1994: 28); in other words, "women's writingof comedy is characterized by its thinly disguised rage" (Barreca 1994:21). In line with this, anger erupts through Boylan's narrator, andespecially during Elinore's speeches. For example, Elinore mixes humorwith resentment when she explains that Danny misunderstood her youthfulallusions to Wuthering Heights: "'Whatever our souls are made of,yours and mine are the same,' I [Elinore] told him. She gave a sourlaugh. 'Do you know what he said?' 'Are you a Catholictoo?'" (HR 30).

These child-women carry a sting under their sweet exteriors. YetBoylan's critique of the Victorian man's stereotypical penchant forsuch child-women becomes more dramatic as Holy Pictures progresses. When hewas twenty-six, Cecil had told Mags he felt inadequate to the role ofpatriarch, terrifying her. Cecil had then explained to Mags that the onlywoman he had ever known who would advise or talk to him adult-to-adult wasJaney; he regarded Janey as a friend, not as a potential lover. Mags did notbelieve him, and told Janey to move out of their house. Mags's inabilityto see that Cecil desires only child- women, not mature women, causes her toreject the wrong sister--Janey not Ba--and to separate her husband fromJaney, his only female friend. 041b061a72


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