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The Way Of White Clouds: A Buddhist Pilgrim In ...

As pilgrims will embark on their journey from here on, Ryozenji has a sizable store that offers a variety of pilgrim gear and merchandise. The most popular items include maps, guidebooks, henro (pilgrim) clothing including the white robe and pilgrim sedge hat, walking staffs, copies of the Heart Sutra (a sutra pilgrims may recite at each temple), and the stamp book used to collect their stamp at each temple.

The Way of White Clouds: A Buddhist Pilgrim in ...


Many years ago renown Buddhist scholar Lama Anagarika Govinda wrote about his own experiences as a religious pilgrim in this region of Tibet, and one passage in particular from his book The Way of the White Clouds resonated with me as I stared out the window from our small passenger plane, reflecting on the white clouds that draped the mountain tops of southern Nepal before my eyes: 041b061a72


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