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Improve Your Spelling with These Amazing Online Games

This free spelling website acts like an online computer program, in which you can create your own spelling lists, and have word games with your own words. All the games and the other educational interactive activities on this website are totally free!

game spelling

These are two similar games, one in is more action themed, and the other is calmer. They practice reading the words and matching them to the words you hear. It's an easy reading activity, best for kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade.

This is an action online spelling game. When you type correctly the words you hear, you can eliminate the sharks that are threatening the goldfish. The typing is under time pressure, yet you can press the "clue" button to have the word flashed on the screen. This activity can be challenging, and is more suitable for kids in 3rd grade and 4th grade.

The lists are arranged in stages that coordinate to the children's development through spelling patterns, also called features. The beginning lists for first graders allow the kids to approach the words one sound at a time (i.e. initial consonants), to then building more of a sight word vocabulary (i.e. word families). Moving on from there, learners in second grade are able to chunk parts of words and process them more fluently when they read (i.e. consonant blends). Third graders continue the fluency of reading while they explore the meanings of words (i.e. silent consonants), while fourth graders can handle more complex spelling patterns (i.e. double consonant with e-drop). Of course, a student may overlap in stages, for instance, a second grader may still need some work on a few "first grade" features, or may dabble in some third grade features. They are merely an average "snapshot" for students in elementary school. In addition to the lists for each grade level, there are many "themed" lists for students of all ages to enjoy (themes such as September, Halloween, Winter, Earth Day, Science Day etc.)Spelling and studying words ultimately promotes a greater interest in reading and writing. When a child has word understanding and vocabulary knowledge, all aspects of Language Arts are enhanced.

In the teacher's section you can also alter the sets of content, so that only some of the images appear. Additionally, you can get embed code to add this game to a blog or web page and you can create direct links to the game with content pre-selected. As an example, the link below will start the game with the jobs content automatically loaded.

This game is very simple: you just look at the image and then spell the word. You can click on the letters on the screen or use the keyboard to type. The keyboard seems to be a lot faster than clicking with the mouse. So, if you are looking to get a good score, then it would be advisable to use the keys.

Before you start, you have to select a set of content to use. There are 30 different sets available for this game and each one has about 25 items to spell. You have to spell out each item once and there is also an audio clip for each image which should play just as the image is first shown.

It is possible to add your own images and audio clips. To do this you click on the 'add' button when in the content selection screen. They you can select images from your desktop computer and they get added and displayed on the screen. The file names of the images you add become the target word that you have to spell. So if you add an image called 'beach holiday', then the target to spell for that image will be 'beach holiday'. Although, you can change the target words by clicking on the textbox directly below the image. Note that for this game it is not possible to add numbers or special characters - these are automatically removed on teh content screen. This is because the keyboard that is displayed on screen only contains letters.

There is also a timer which runs down while you are spelling the words. If the timer runs out before the game is completed, then you lose and the game is over. Once you have spelt all the items in the content set, the game also finishes and displays the scores screen. The countdown timer should get faster as you progress through the sets. In this way, the game should get more challenging. If you click the wrong letter, then you don't lose you can just try another one until you get it right. In this way there is a little bit of trial and error in learning to spell words that you don't know.

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The idea for this game is that by spelling words again and again very quickly you can become a better speller and also become more familiar with the vocabulary items and the letters used to form them.

Spelling games for kids provide a fun way for you to help your children with spelling practice at home, on the go, or in the classroom. From quick and simple original spelling games to free, online spelling games, kids of all ages can practice their English Language Arts skills any time, anywhere.

Kids ages three, four, and five typically have a lot of energy and learn best through multi-sensory play. These great original interactive spelling game ideas will keep younger kids engaged and help them learn to start spelling words. Games for this age group also work well as ESL spelling games for beginners.

Get kids moving around the room in a simple, non-competitive game of Spelling Pattern Pile-Up. Use store-bought pre-primer and kindergarten sight word flash cards, or make your own for this adaptive game.

Use a free, printable, blank Bingo card template to create your own simple spelling Bingo game. You'll also need access to a laminator or some type of pocket that is clear and can be used with dry erase markers to slide the cards into.

Turn your spelling list into a fun spelling game that goes beyond the classic spelling bee for kids in grades one, two, three, and four. Spelling games and activities for elementary students help with teaching alphabetical order, reading, and writing. Because of their focus on letter sounds, phonics game ideas can easily be adapted into spelling games too.

All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and a different colored crayon for each player to play this twist on the classic dots and boxes game. The object of this simple spelling game is to complete boxes in a row to make words.

Although older elementary kids might not focus as much on spelling, they are expected to spell more complex words. Games for this age group should be more challenging and incorporate other writing and reading skills.

You can use lots of free, printable materials as is or adjust them to create your own unique spelling games. Click on the image of the game to download and print using the Adobe guide for PDF troubleshooting tips.

Kids can race against time to complete printable unscramble word games as a challenge against a friend, sibling, or parent. Free spelling worksheets for grades 1 through 6 include simple games like the Fifth Grade Word Scramble Challenge that can be adapted to any grade level spelling list. The game requires two players, a printed game sheet, pencils, and your class or home spelling words.

Spelling activities and games for kids can involve no electronics or materials, simple and free supplies, or internet access. Whether you need classroom games for kids or want to help your child practice spelling at home, there are tons of ways to make learning fun.

We make multiplayer educational games - free math games, free language arts games, and more for K-8 students. With Arcademics Plus, teachers and parents can view data reports and customize game content. Arcademics games can be played on the iPad app and Android app.

This codelab covers intermediate-level concepts for developing with Google Assistant, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Firestore. In this codelab, you'll build a game called "Spelling Practice" that uses Google Assistant to ask users to spell words.

Note: While your project will be named Spelling-Practice, it will be assigned a unique ID in the form spelling-practice-1234, which is what uniquely identifies your project to Firebase and Google. Remember this Project ID as you'll need it later in this codelab.

Make a note of ActionsOnGoogleFulfillment function Http endpoint url for later use. To get the endpoint, open Firebase Console and then click spelling-practice project. Open Functions dashboard to view the functions endpoint.

Cloud Firestore data is structured into collections, documents, fields, and subcollections. Each word for the game will be stored as its own document in a top-level collection called wordlist. For every new document in the Firestore collection, createSpellingPracticeWord function will be triggered to get the word details from the Dictionary API service.

Your Action fetches a list of all spelling practice words and stores them in session. Your Action then ends the session because you selected the End conversation transition for the YES intent.

Do you remember the TV game show Concentration? Have you ever played the concentration game with playing cards? Well, this game, which needs to be made in advance, is an educational spin-off that can help your students get familiar with the spelling of certain words.

Divide a sheet of paper into 20 squares. Each spelling word should be written on two separate squares, then cut them into playing pieces. Mix up the squares and place them face down on the table. Pair up your students and have them take turns turning over two squares. If the squares match, the child keeps the pieces and takes another turn. If they don't match, the second player gets a turn. When time is up for playing, the students with the most matches wins the game. You can use words that are similar to help your students master the correct spellings.

This game can be played inside the classroom or outdoors. Have your group stand in a circle. Then toss a ball to a student and call out a spelling word. If they spell the word correctly, the child will toss the ball back to you. If the word is spelled incorrectly, the child sends the ball back to you and then leaves the circle. Whoever is the last speller in the circle is the winner of this game.


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