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Where To Buy Aluminum Fence VERIFIED

Get started by browsing the aluminum fencing options below, or contact us today for expert advice from our fence professionals. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on being accessible and here to help you every step of the way.

where to buy aluminum fence

Residential fencing can be used in a wide variety of residential applications. These types of aluminum fences are most commonly used to define property lines, keep children or pets contained, or to enclose a swimming pool. Residential aluminum fences are strong enough for most applications and will add beauty and prestige to any property! We carry several types of decorative fencing to accommodate your needs and your budget.

  • Commercial grade fencing is heavier and more durable than a residential grade fence. It is ideal for areas where the strength of a commercial product is needed with a neighbor-friendly appearance. Commercial fences are most commonly used for:- Churches

  • - Schools

  • - Public Swimming Pools

  • - High-End Residential Settings

  • - Factories

  • - Cemeteries

  • - Industrial Complexes

  • - Apartment Complexes

  • - Amusement Parks

  • - Restaurants

  • - Public Recreation Facilities

This type of fence is used in high traffic areas or spaces requiring additional security.

  • Fence-Depot offers the top brands of high quality, attractive industrial aluminum fencing. This is our heaviest and most durable fencing product. Our industrial grade utilizes the heaviest gauge extrusions for high visibility and substantial protection. They are most commonly used to increase security at places such as:Industrial factories

  • Municipal and government projects

  • Colleges and universities

  • Apartment complexes

  • Schools

  • Estate properties

  • Other high traffic public areas

Industrial strength is recommended when maximum strength and security are needed. Aluminum industrial fences are the best choice for attractive security!

We are the leading American manufacturer and innovator of high-quality aluminum fence products offering a large selection of low-maintenance fence, railing, and gates that are made to withstand some of the harshest conditions. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Brooksville, Florida and Galloway, New Jersey. Products are available exclusively through authorized dealers in all fifty states and Canada. Our products provide solutions for protecting all that you love and value from children and pets, to your home or business. We have elegant and durable options for you.

Alumi-Guard is a product that we have used for many years. During the 24 years I have been in the fencing business, I cannot say I have found a product I like any more. The materials are good quality and the customer service is on point. We are provided with nice, professional quality literature to showcase a beautiful product. We are proud to offer the Alumi-Guard product and to have our name displayed on their fence.

Alumi-Guard is an innovator in quality and design within the aluminum fence and rail industry. Alumi-Guard always provides us with a large selection of maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum fence, railing, and gates that are manufactured to withstand the harsh Utah weather. We are proud to be a dealer of a product made in the USA.

We have been customers of Alumi-Guard for several years and plan to continue this relationship for years to come. We have found them to be true to their word with pricing, quality of product, delivery, and support. The support and responsiveness we receive from their inside team and our outside rep Pat Shaw is nothing short of amazing. Hands down, our favorite vendor to do business with. This is why the only aluminum products for fencing and rails we offer are from the Alumi-Guard product line.

Here at Fence Distributors, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that our customers that purchase aluminum fencing from us are 100% satisfied with our products and services. Our customer service professionals understand aluminum fences better than anyone else in the South Florida area, so we're able to pinpoint exactly what aluminum fence variant is perfect for your specific project. We're also the only South Florida vinyl fence and aluminum fence fabricator and supplier that sells to homeowners and contractors alike. Which means you can buy the same commercial grade aluminum fence sections, components and accessories that the best fence contractors in Lake Worth, FL have access to.

All you need to do is measure out your project and provide our office with your project details in order to get a complete and comprehensive project aluminum fence material list. Once we determine exactly how much aluminum fence you need, we'll then provide you with a great price and immediately get started on fabricating the aluminum fence sections for your order. The whole process is quick, simple and far more managable than purchasing from a big box store like Home Depot or Lowe's.

For over a decade we've been supplying Lake Worth homeowners and contractors with premium quality aluminum fencing sections, components and accessories from our centrally located fencing fabrication shop in Broward County. Our fabrication professionals are absolute experts in the field of aluminum and steel welding, aluminum fencing fabrication, vinyl fencing fabrication and much, much more.

We're set up to efficiently manufacture standard fences and gates, as well as totally custom welded products including steel roll gates and estate gates. The ability to make any type of fence in existence is what truly sets us apart from our competitors in South Florida. Not only can we create custom welded fences and gates, but we can also weld steel louvers, custom doors, shutters and pretty much any type of welded outdoor living product that conforms to Lake Worth building codes and requirements.

We service every single city, municipality and homeowners association within Palm Beach County. For over a decade, South Florida homeowners and contractors have purchased superior quality vinyl fence Palm Beach, railing, and welding from our shop which is centrally located in Broward County just off the Pompano Beach exit on I-95. Our products meet, and in most cases exceed Florida building code requirements for fencing and railing. We even sell custom engineering documents for you to acquire a permit with, should you need one. Some cities and HOA's in Palm Beach County have varied specifications that must be met in order to build upon your property within their limits, our fabricators can work with you to meet those requirements no matter how stringent they are.

As mentioned above, cleaning solutions can be as simple as soap and water. If you have small areas of the fence that need extra cleaning, dish soap can be used. Steel wool, abrasive agents, or anything that contains harsh chemicals should not be used for cleaning on any fencing. Feel free to contact Fence Outlet for any cleaning questions you may have.

Fence Distributors brings a fresh and innovative approach to the aluminum manufacturing industry. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, experienced engineering & design, and the highest quality raw materials. Whether you are looking for fencing or railing, we are sure to provide the highest performance finished products.

Aluminum fencing is the perfect option for any South Florida property that has a pool or is located adjacent to a waterway such as the intercoastal. We sell the highest grade aluminum fencing available to the public and we fabricate 100% of our products in our state of the art fabrication shop. Our fabrication professionals assemble each section of mechanical aluminum fencing using only the highest grade of raw materials, purchased from the best aluminum and steel supplier in the fencing business - Eastern Metal.

Aluminum fences are virtually maintenance free, which is especially important in South Florida because of the increased UV exposure and the increased salt abrasion of the sea air. Installation of our aluminum products is incredibly easy as mechanical aluminum simply snaps together. All you need to do is dig a few holes, set the sections in concrete and then snap each section together linearly - pretty much anyone can do it themselves without hiring a contractor. Learn more about our aluminum fencing products by clicking the link below.

Vinyl fencing, otherwise known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fencing, is by far the most long-lasting and resilient of all fencing materials. Each component of a vinyl fence has several layers of protection in its wall, including an extra hard outer layer, or cap-stock that is engineered with sunlight inhibitors and other chemical components which prevent environmental degradation. In other words, any vinyl fence installed on a South Florida property is 100% safe from decay and will almost never require maintenance of any kind over its lifetime.

Our welding professionals have decades of experience fabricating residential and commercial steel and aluminum gates, railings, fences and much more. Click below to learn about why we're the best at what we do.

There are few shops in South Florida that are capable of providing homeowners and contractors with the high level of aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing and custom welded products that we can. We have years of experience servicing all counties in South Florida out of our central location in Broward County, just off the Pompano Beach exit on I-95. We're known in our area as the go-to location for superior quality fencing, railing gates and much more. There are simply very few welding and fabrication shops that can compare to the quality of workmanship and customer service that we strive to provide our valued customers on a daily basis. So whether you're a new homeowner in Ft. Lauderdale, or a fencing contractor in Boca Raton, we treat you with equal respect and make sure your project comes out perfect. 041b061a72


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