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[S3E4] Blindsided

1) How was Miracle blindsided at graduation? 2) What are the three areas Dan concludes will be critical in turning Miracle's finances around? 3) What is the goal of refinancing student debt? Was it worth doing all the paperwork? What was the result? What are the dangers of $0 income-based repayment? 4) Was Miracle able to control her spending? Why or why not? 5) What did Miracle have to do in order to "monetize her passion?" (playing violin) 6) Miracle's trip to Asia could have been a disastrous move. Explain how it actually turned out help her be successful? 7) What did Danetha mean when she said your net worth = your self worth? Why do you think some people have such trouble asking to be paid their market rate?

[S3E4] Blindsided

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She was also totally blindsided when rumors surfaced that Karam had cheated on her. After chatter surfaced at brunch amongst the friends on Family Karma, close friend Amrit Kapai took it upon himself to meet with Vaswani and let her know that people gossiped that Karam had cheated. 041b061a72


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