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The Beginning Of The End

In fact, this is pretty clearly the beginning of the end for Joe Biden. We can't prove that. The future is unknowable, but holy smokes, it does not look good and it doesn't look good in a very recognizable way. Somewhere in his basement rec room drinking a Courvoisier on ice, Andrew Cuomo is chuckling to himself. He's seen this movie before. Joe Biden's own aides keep finding stacks of felonies he's left around the place in his office, in his car, and instead of throwing this evidence in the fireplace, as under normal circumstances they would, they're sending these documents on to the Justice Department. That's not a good sign.

The Beginning Of The End

The Iowan metal juggernaut has been hinting at an imminent announcement, and now it looks like it's finally right around the corner. Today (July 19th), Slipknot hit their socials with a short, career-spanning video that ends in the image of a mysterious bloody masked face peering through a partially opened doorway and a snippet what sounds like a new song. The caption reads, "The beginning of The End," and there's a link to their site,, which is all black, but for a list of four times: 4 PM 7 PM MIDNIGHT 1 AM.

This is the original album version. Like "Hyperpower!" preceding it, the song builds throughout the track, beginning with the drum loop, then guitar and vocals. Bass, tambourine and synthesizer layers are continuously added until an instrumental bridge leads to a loud, noisy synthesizer solo. Most layers then drop away for a few bars of the drum loop, which leads directly into "Survivalism."

Two important moments during instruction are the beginning and end of class. The events that occur during these windows can influence the engagement of students in their learning as well as their ability to synthesize major concepts. There are a variety of classroom models that can help frame what the instructor does to commence and conclude class.

There are a number of strategies and tools that instructors can use to engage their students in learning at the beginning of class based on the methods described above as well as other classroom techniques. These tools can be used in tandem with one another or independently.

Author Sarah Deer speaks from experience beginning with her hands-on services to women and spanning her years of legal work, teaching, and consultation. The book provides a wealth of historical and legal research and analysis, delivered with a tone of passion for healing and justice.

Five a.m. local time in Ukraine on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022, the moment the Russian military launched its unprovoked, indefensible full-scale invasion of the largest country in Europe, marked the beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin.


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