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[S1E2] Everything Is Cool

Riding shotgun is Ross Edgley, a British sports scientist and extreme athlete, who believes that the extreme temperatures will benefit Hemsworth. Edgley, Hemsworth explains, is one of the fittest humans on the planet, the guy who takes everything to the limit.

[S1E2] Everything Is Cool


Barry gets to employ his forensics ability once again (along with the aforementioned cool visuals) to determine that although the security cameras show one man robbing a gun store, he suspects six men, all with the exact same shoes and size. (Barry even uses his abilities to help in the lab, fun!) I'm not sure how quickly Barry's speed jokes will wear thin, but they're okay for now.

Barry's superhero hideout isn't the best (it's no Batcave or Fortress of Solitude), but it's cool that we get to see him suit up at least. Barry shows up to save Stagg, followed by Joe, who resists but is outmatched by Barry's speed, just as Barry is outmatched by Multiplex's ability to regenerate; he gets his ass handed to him and just barely escapes being shot to death.

The showdown at Stagg Industries: Black takes out the new security team rather easily, but Flash saves Stagg before Black can get to him. Barry calls Black out and dodges gunfire. Black continues to multiply (which apparently extends to his weapons as well, somehow) and reveals that his plan was to generate a new heart for his wife, Elizabeth, who died thanks to Stagg's interference. Black goes crazy and generates dozens of clones who pummel Barry. He's doubting himself, but the team encourages him. Again, there's a cool shot of Barry mowing through the clones in order to find the Prime and knock him out. Black tries to take out Barry and accidentally crashes through a window, after which he ... grows a new hand to detach himself from Barry's saving grip, falling to the city street below.

One of the finest character actors of his generation, Tim Blake Nelson is known for roles in everything from O Brother, Where Art Thou? to Watchmen to Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities. Now he'll pop up in the second half of Poker Face's first season, where he'll no doubt make an impression.

The indomitable Liz Gilbert (of EAT, PRAY, LOVE fame) joins Kate for a live conversation on the courage to create. Listen as Liz helps us expose our exhausting American need to make everything useful and lets us embrace beauty as a way of really living.

Sometimes everything is possible. Sometimes nothing is possible. How do you know the difference? Dr. Ari Johnson works to change the infant and mother mortality rates in Mali. Kate and Ari speak about how when other people are suffering, we must act, even when the problems seem insurmountable. Because your pain is mine too.

Bestselling author and speaker, Margaret Feinberg was writing a book about joy when her world fell apart. Suddenly, she was fighting for her life and re-writing the book from scratch. Feinberg talks about how she learned how to be happy again, despite everything.

Me: Like I said, I'm from the future, though not in this dimension. In my world, your story is a famous legend. Anyway, I always loved the legends of King Arthur. Then one day, my family was visiting a land called Britain in the aftermath of a great tragedy that had struck our world. All of the sudden, I went through a portal and landed in Narnia. For the next few years, I lived in Narnia and tried everything I could to return to my world, but the Creator told me that I would not return home until I completed what I had been brought here to do. Then I was sent here, to Camelot. So now I must complete my mission before I return to my own timeline. 041b061a72


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