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108 Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha Non-stop Chants Raghavendra Devotional =LINK=

13th sep 2012 i am reading the contents of this web site a around 11:30 am and read the manthrs of shri guru raghvendra swamy. Same day around 2:10 Pm in my mind i thought why i have chant this manthrs let sri guru raghavendra swamy come in to my dream and tell me to chants manthrs.same day around night 10:30 PM i am just went to sleep in bed, suddelny my friend called and asked one seat is empty for mantralaya u r coming like that, suddleny. immedly i asked mam and wief both are told to go, i am very happyi left around 11:00 pm and 14th sep 2012 moring 8:10 am i got shri guru raghvendra swamy darshan it relay a mircle in lief just within 24hours of time i got swamy darshan it very very amzaning shri guru raghvendra swamy ki jai

108 Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha | Non-stop Chants | Raghavendra Devotional


om sri raghavendraya namaha. i was trapped in such a situation that i cannot explain u. that time i did not know much about sri guru deva. i saw a serial in ETV sri raghavendra mahemalu, i came to know about the mahimas of sri guru raghavendra. then i started to chant om sri raghavendraya namaha. on the moment i started chanting a phone call came to me which showed a solution to my problem. then i started believing in sri guru deva and regularly chanted his mantra. today within a period of six months almost 99% of my problems are solved. and i believe that the remaining 1% problem will soon be solved within a few days. OM SRI RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA

hai,this is asha i was reading all ur words expressed about my sweet god, even i have gone through so many miracles in my life and in my home , am lucky to be born in praying guru raghavendra in my life how much people will get this chance . let rayaru bless all of them . om shree guru raghavendraya namaha; 041b061a72


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