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Await Further Instructions __FULL__

Await Further Instructions is a 2018 British science fiction horror film directed by Johnny Kevorkian. The film follows a dysfunctional family who winds up entrapped in their house on Christmas by a mysterious black membrane and begins receiving cryptic instructions from their television.[1][2]

Await Further Instructions

Later, Nick and Annji try to sneak out but discover that they are trapped within the house. The television turns on telling them to stay inside and await further instructions. At first, despite the odd scenario, the family decides to go with it as they presume that it's an emergency broadcast. Tony insists that they continue with their Christmas holiday as if nothing is wrong. However, just as they prepare to eat dinner, another message tells them that every piece of food is contaminated and they need to throw it out. Tony, without thinking twice, complies.

The instructions start out relatively simple but become increasingly strange. The goal is clearly to get the family to single out one person at the time. This part is still a fascinating experience and the actors all do excellent jobs.

As the family argues exactly what the import of those instructions are - nuclear war? pandemic? - the instructions abruptly change, and a series of ever-more sinister messages appears. As things begin to escalate out of control, Nick tries to solve the mystery of what exactly is going on before they are all dead...

Nick's grandfather (David Bradley, Game of Thrones) is even worse, a nasty and smug fellow who makes snide remarks about Nick's sexuality and insulting insinuations about Annji's heritage. Nick's younger sister Kate (Holly Weston), who is quite advanced in her pregnancy, arrives to further the discomfort; a casual comment reveals her racism. Her boyfriend Scott (Kris Sadler) is entirely in her sway, and reacts favorably toward Tony's looming command of the family.

Await Further Instructions was the second film from the intriguingly named British director Johnny Kevorkian. (Part of you cannot help but wonder if this is a pseudonym taken in homage to famous euthanasia advocate Dr Jack Kevorkian and/or intended to evoke some kind of horror association with the name). Johnny Kevorkian had previously directed the ghost story The Disappeared (2008). Kevorkian apparently died in 2020 without making any further films.

Really liked the new take on the Mandela Catalogue game way where you're just awaiting what happens next! It was a fun and interesting take and loved the stylisation of it; it really suited the situation and game!

Information Provided by Michael D. Bulmash: Ukranian Broadside from 1943 signed in type by a German "Comisar" ordering all men from 16 to 65 to the homes of the eldest bringing all personal belongings to await further orders. Inevitably these men were destined for Labor Camps in Poland and Germany. They often worked and starved to death. 041b061a72


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