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Upload 3.7z ((FREE))

The config tool can be used to load custom certificates to facilitate access to resources such as external databases. Select the custom certs to be uploaded, ensuring that they are in PEM format, with an extension .crt.

Upload 3.7z

IEEE DataPort Subscribers may upload their dataset files directly to IEEE DataPort's AWS S3 file storage. Please read the Upload Your Files directly to the IEEE DataPort S3 Bucket help topic for detailed instructions.

**PLEASE DO NOT re-upload this mod anywhere without my permission, this mod is not available to the public. The support I receive from Patreon members and donations helps me to keep developing mods for Assetto Corsa.

I often have to gather log files and upload them to a central server (Owned by another company). The central server has a size limit of the file, so I am trying to create the smallest file possible that is still in the zip format. 041b061a72


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