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One of the ways of dealing with this probem, while staying in compliance with all rules and regulations around Healthcare? Become a reviewer of things yourself. Google reviews are potent. The more you leave reviews, the more powerful you become\u2026more than you could possibly imagine. It is a bit like the dark side, hate, and striking people down.


Review platforms like Yelp, Google, and other health reviews, and prioritize reviews from prolific reviewers. Reviewing others yourself makes your reviews more salient\u2014to the bots, and human patients!

I will then respond to your review and thank you for that review. Then you can go and review the restaurants you like. Then, review dry cleaners you like. And other doctors, etc. Leave a gracious review, and then thank any reviewers for their reviews of you. It is completely legal and gets the trolls out of the way. Patients read reviews, and so letting the world get more representative and accurate information is a service to all. Patients are vulnerable to scams and trolls, and having them scared off from good doctors by malicious trolls isn\u2019t ok. Accurate information that isn\u2019t revealing PHI. That is the sweet spot, absent dangerous sugar. 041b061a72


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