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What is the correct score bet? Betting experience on correct score bets

What is the correct score bet? This might be a very new concept for many people, right? So let's explore together with win tips bet to find out what the correct score is, the rules of the game, how to calculate winnings, and how to experience correct score betting in the following article.

What is the correct score bet?

The correct score betting odds are displayed as numbers on the betting paytable provided by the bookmaker streaming.

Players who want to bet on the correct score will predict the score of the match between two teams during the official playing time of both teams.

Each specific match will have the manifestation of players, the disparity in strength between the two sides, etc., and then the bookmakers will provide different assessments based on these points.

Different bookmakers will offer different betting odds, but the difference is very small and insignificant.

Types of correct score bets and correct score rules from Wintips

There are 3 basic types of bets for you to choose from: Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under.

Asian Handicap: This bet is widely chosen by Asian people because the correct score handicap bet is diverse and easy to distinguish between winning and losing.

European Handicap (1 × 2): Betting is based solely on the final result: win-draw-loss. Determine whether you bet wins or loses.

Over/Under (O/U): Simply predict the total number of goals scored by both teams.

Correct score rules on the Wintips homepage

Full-time - Points

In the designated game, predict the final result of the game.

All full-time betting results must be based on the result of the match "Time Limit".

If the entire playing time of the youth championship is only 60 ~ 80 minutes, etc. (Including injury time). Then consider all bets as "valid bets".

If the match is temporarily suspended/canceled/interrupted, all bets will be void. Results fall under the "Other" betting category unless before the match is canceled or interrupted.

Definition of "Other" for the entire game: Either team scores 5 points or more (including 5 points).

Round 1 - Score

In a specific game, predict the exact result for the first half.

All first-half betting results are based on the result of the match "Time Limit" (playing 45 minutes in the first half, including injury time) according to the standard.

If the first half of the Youth Championship only takes place within 30 – 40 minutes, etc. (Including extra time) then all bets will be considered as "valid bets".

If the match ends before the first half ends. All bets placed for the first half are void. Results fall under the "Other" betting category unless before the match is canceled or interrupted.

If the match ends before the second half ends. All first-half goal bets will be considered "valid bets".

Definition of "Other" halves: Either team scores 4 points or more (including 4).

Extra Time - Points

The extra time result is based on the full-time extra time result (excluding 90 minutes of regular play). If the match goes into extra time then what is the extra time bet? What are the types of easy-to-win extra time bets?

Take a Look: Latest List of Reputable Football bookmaker meaning

How much do you bet

At Wintips, Asian, European, or extremely low markets are calculated differently. Players participating in betting need to pay attention to suitable betting odds.

Apply the above rules to participate in accurate betting to avoid any potential issues.

For European Handicap Betting

How to calculate the payout of the European Handicap market in fractional form (fractional odds).

For example:

The final score between Brazil and Croatia is 0-0.

If you bet on this match, you will win. The payout ratio will be applied according to the following formula:

If you place $1 of your bet with the odds of 10/1, you will receive 1 x 10/1 = $10. This amount remains intact and will not be deducted from your previous bets.

Asian Handicap Betting

You earn this point by the house edge.

For example:

The final score between Brazil and Croatia is 0-0. The correct score odds offered are 11.00.

If the player bets $1. After winning the prize, you will receive 1 × 11 = $11. But the actual balance is $10 because $1 is deducted from the previous bet amount.

Over/Under Betting

For Over/Under bets, you calculate similarly to Asian Handicap bets.

You rely on your house odds. If you win, multiply by the amount you bet.

10 lessons from accurate scoring

Below, Wintips Sports will share with you experiences in chasing scores.

Choose a major tournament

Wintips would like to remind you again that your first betting experience should be on large-scale tournaments. This will make it easier for players to win bets. You should bet on matches of equivalent quality, such as the Premier League, World Cup, etc.

Choose 2 evenly matched teams.

Choose 2 teams with significantly different performances. Therefore, you should choose 2 evenly matched teams to bet on. This way, you will find it easier, faster, and better to master the correct score.

Practice predicting fractional results

You need to constantly improve your knowledge of the game, tournaments, and teams.

Hone your ability to predict scores and carefully consider whether your predictions are correct.

Evaluating the performance of the teams will give you a higher chance of winning.

Update the salary table - how much is the score?

How to get accurate football scores. You should carefully check the racetrack before the race takes place.

If both teams are stable in terms of strength and evenly matched, the chances of winning will be very high.

Calculate the winning probability

When placing bets, you need to predict the win-loss outcome to calculate the winning probability in each game.

After 90 minutes, if the strong team only scores 1 goal, the shooting rate is 33%. The probability of the underdog team not scoring is 37%.

At this point, the probability of the strong team winning 1-0 is 33% x 37% = 12% or ⅛ in decimal form. So, in 8 matches between the two teams, there will be at least a 1-0 score.

Master Wintips conveys this high-theoretical experience about correct score betting; you should calculate carefully.

Choose convenient bet types

The house will provide a payout table. Players should rely on that to analyze and choose the most advantageous bet type.

For example, you should choose global handicap or half handicap bets. If the performance of the upper team is inconsistent and the odds of the lower team are rising.

Take advantage of opportunities to place good bets

If you are greedy and bet on many games at once, you will not have time to evaluate and analyze.

This also leads to a low accuracy of your correct scores.

You can only bet on a minimum of 2 games and a maximum of 4 games and bet on the games with higher winning odds.

Score with side bets

Many football bettors also often pay attention to some types of side bets such as corner kicks, yellow cards, goals, etc.

That is also a way to help you achieve higher scores.

Choose the correct score bet for the match

Compared to Asian Handicap bets, correct score bets are often not easy to win because it's very difficult to predict. If the bookmaker offers this money line before the match 1-2 hours, then you should choose the Asian Handicap.

Bet with reputable bookmakers

Reputable bookmakers will help you feel comfortable when betting. Because nowadays there are many fraudulent bookmakers that make you lose money.

So, players need to pay attention to choosing a good betting site for accurate football betting and place bets accurately.

In conclusion, correct score betting can be a challenging yet rewarding form of betting in football. By following the tips and strategies mentioned above, you can enhance your chances of success and enjoy a more fulfilling betting experience. Remember to bet responsibly and only wager what you can afford to lose. Good luck!


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