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Emperor Battle For Dune

for the 1.09 patch I found that the version from moddb ( -battle-for-dune/downloads/emperor-patch-109 ) works on Windows 11, after having problems with the one from this paradisaic oldgamesdownload page + Thank you very much for making all those old games accessable!

Emperor Battle For Dune

Seeking to secure his position as Emperor of the Known Universe, Emperor Frederick IV of House Corrino initiated a grand battle between the next three great Houses for control of the governorship bf Arrakis. Frederick had hoped that the other Houses would destroy /each other and that he, along with his feared Sardaukar, could wipe out any remaining forces. This would have ensured that no one faction had enough power to usurp his position. What he didn't foresee was that his concubine, Lady Elara Moray Trieu of the Bene Gesserit, had plans of her own. She conspired to assassinate Frederick and bring Dune under the control of a more peaceful ruling body, which she hoped would ensure an endless availability of Spice to her Sisterhood.

low with the death of the emperor through the machinations of the Lady Elara, the battle to control Dune has escalated. A civil war is brewing. The elite forces of the emperor, the Sardaukar, are without direction, becoming mercenary and siding with whoever holds the most power. A new emperor must be chosen.

Needing a ruling body to maintain order, the remaining three great Houses each seek to fill the void by gaining control of the emperor's throne. Each House now fights to control the most territories on Dune, for whoever controls the spice, controls the universe. Who will it be? The noble Atreides of the peaceful water world Caladan? The evil Harkonnen, who hail from the dark and cruel planet Giedi Prime? Or the insidious Ordos of the mysterious ice-covered world Draconis IV? It may be none at all. As the three Houses begin their war, the smaller Houses are making their own plans and are poised to take advantage of any weaknesses shown by the great Houses. Only military prowess and time will decide the fate of Arrakis, and the universe...

The Atreides reap the benefits of an extremely loyal and well-trained infantry. Third level veterans can return to the Barracks and train all their comrades to the next level of veterancy before they enter the battlefield.

One big change is the automation of the resource side of the game. The game really takes control of the resource harvesting aspects of the game. Just build a refinery and the various harvesters and carryalls will take care of the rest. This frees up a lot of your attention for other tasks, like avoiding sand worm attacks or the storms that tear through your armies. Most of your attention, however, will be on trying to find some level of tactical sophistication in the clash of units that characterizes the game's battles.

Objectives in the first, battles chosen on the map and homeworld missions in the campaign is to destroy the enemy base by destroying all buildings(Exception in next sentence) or making the enemy AI retreat. Destroying windtraps is not mandatory. Cutting power slows down unit recruitment, but not base building speed and also disables turrets that require power.

EngineerCost: $400 Prerequisites: Upgraded BarracksEngineers are used to capture enemy buildings or repair friendly ones. Since they carry no weapons, they are extremely vulnerable on the battlefield and must be directed very carefully. Engineers are very slow.

Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)Cost: $600 Prerequisites: Upgraded FactoryThis machine gun-armed vehicle can transport friendly infantry units across the battlefield. It is also stealthed when not moving or attacking.

Air DroneCost: $800 Prerequisites: noneThis small aircraft is meant for air-to-air dogfights. It is poorly armoured and can not withstand prolonged battles.

Advanced CarryallCost: $1800 Prerequisites: Upgraded HangarThe Advanced Carryall is able to transport any ground vehicle across the battlefield, and is better-armoured than its standard counterpart.

The basics behind the story is that the Emperor has been assassinated in the year 10190 and his throne has been left vacant. Because of this the Atreides, Ordos, and Harkonnen have once again returned to "Battle for Dune" except this time the battle will also be taken to the homeplanets of each of the three Houses. There will also be the Ix, Fremen, Sardaukar, Guild, Tleilaxu factions available to ally with during the campaign and during multiplayer games.

Eventually, it becomes clear during the campaign that the Tleilaxu are scouring Arrakis with hidden motives, with various probes spotted collecting flesh samples from dead sandworms. After the last battle with any one of the opponent Houses on their home planet, the Spacing Guild (Guild of Navigators) leaves the victorious House stranded on the enemies' conquered homeworld, attempting to control Arrakis with House Tleilaxu by genetically engineering an Emperor Worm with immense psychic powers empowered by Lady Elara. They also release a mind influencing drug in all the remaining forces water supply on Arrakis to make them slaves under the Guild. It then becomes clear that a last ditch attempt must be made back on Arrakis to destroy the Emperor Worm before he awakes by using the Smugglers Guild to get back to Arrakis. Eventually the player destroys the Emperor Worm, and the Guild's plan is foiled. The victorious house then regains control of Arrakis and the spice melange and proclaims their side leader Emperor of Dune.

House Harkonnen's campaign revolves around the ailing Baron Rakan and his two sons: Gunseng and Copec (bearing striking resemblance to Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen and Glossu Rabban respectively), who both vie to take the Baron's place upon his death. Copec and Gunseng are at one another's throats, and compete for the Baron's favor as the latter's days grow shorter. Gunseng eventually goes to Arrakis, much to Copec's dismay, to oversee the spice mining. Copec grows impatient, however, and finally deals the killing blow to Rakan by poisoning his food. Copec assumes the title, and goes to Arrakis to have his brother swear allegiance to his new baron. Gunseng however realizes that Copec usurped the title, and openly rebels against Copec. The player character chooses to either side with Gunseng or Copec, and both opposing factions battle on Giedi Prime. Depending on who emerges victorious, the game will then feature Gunseng or Copec as the reigning baron of House Harkonnen.

House Ordos' campaign revolves around their ability to create gholas. The house eventually creates a ghola of the deceased Emperor Shaddam Corrino, who will serve as a puppet emperor subservient to House Ordos. Ordos motives are typically "insidious" in that they attempt to manipulate many of the subhouses (Fremen, Sardaukar, Smugglers) into conflict with any of the major house they are fighting, using gholas and other forms of treachery to thwart any attempts at alliance among their enemies and secure alliances for House Ordos. The Ordos are led by the Executrix, four beings that share a single mind and communicate only through a creature known as the "Speaker". The Ordos are calculated in their thinking, almost machine-like. Advising the "Commander" (player) is the equally cold female Mentat Roma Atani.

The single-player game features three campaigns, one for each house. Emperor expands upon the "territory domination" style gameplay between missions from its predecessors. In previous games, the territory chosen from the map screen simply determined the shape of the map to be played on. However, in Emperor, the choice of territory can affect mission objectives and alliances. The player is also given "reinforcement" units to move around the world map which can affect the in-game missions. Territorial control also becomes more interesting with the enemy AI also capable of wrestling back the land that the player has just conquered in the previous battle, although it can prove repetitive over time.

While having an interface similar to the Command & Conquer series, it added features - such as a 3D engine, in-battle reinforcements, as well as several other changes and additions to gameplay - to provide a change of pace. Features of note are the fairly non-linear campaign, featuring randomized events, and the fast pace relative to the earlier Dune games. The three Houses also featured more new units in their ranks than in the previous series, with new abilities.

The Fremen are the native peoples of Dune, and are usually able to be allies with the Atreides and Ordos (through assistance and deception, respectively), but are typically enemies with the Harkonnens (their mentat dismisses the Fremen as being of little use to them). All Fremen units are stealthed, and all are able to roam the desert and not attract worms as they traverse the dunes.

House Harkonnen is an evil and ruthless house that rules through fear and terror. Their home world is Geidi Prime, an industrial wasteland. However, the harsh and brutal conditions have also made the Harkonnen army very dangerous, as the troops either face death on the battlefield or a slow, painful death in the Baron's torture chambers. Because of this, the Harkonnen troops often fight with more ferocity on the battlefield to avoid such a horrible faith.


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