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Rub A Tug Tub

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rub a tug tub


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Schultz, uas yog ib tug kws lij choj kawm txawj ntse tawm hauv Harvard los uas tau ua hauj lwm fab lag luam, ntseeg tias tus AG lub chaw khiav dej num yuav tsum tswj cov cai raws li teev hauv ntawv, muaj cov kws lij choj sib foob kev ua txhaum cai kom coob dua ntxiv thiab txiav txoj kev pheej foob cov lag luam nqus kua los sis roj luam yeeb xws li Ellison.

Schultz: Thaum GOP thawj zaug rau neeg sib tw tswv yim hauv lub Peb Hlis Ntuj, Schultz tau qhia tias nws yog ib tug tswv cuab hauv pab kav xwm ntawm Minneapolis lub koom haum tsis khwv muaj nyiaj uas tawm tsam kev kaus me nyuam pov tseg Human Life Alliance. (Nws yeej tseem muaj npe ua ib tug tswv cuab hauv pab kav xwm txog ntua rau thaum lub caij ntuj so no, raws li Wayback Machine. Nws lub npe tsis tshwm ntawm qhov vas sab lawm.)

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Nqe II ntawm Tsab Cai Hais Txog Pejxeem Meskas Uas Muaj Kev Xiam Oob Qhab (ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act) txwv tsis pub muaj kev ciav cais raws kev xiam oob qhab los ntawm cov kev pab cuam xa mus los rau zej tsoom.

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Lub Chaw Ua Haujlwm txog Cai Pej Xeem ntawm Kev Xa Mus Los hauv Tsoom Fwv (FTA, Federal Transit Administration) txog Cai Pej Xeem yog lub koom haum uas tau txais tej lus tsis txaus siab hais txog tej kev ua txhaum ADA ntawm cov koom haum xa mus los hauv cheeb tsam ze. Yog koj ntseeg hais tias ib qho kev ua txhaum ADA tau tshwm sim, lub Chaw Ua Haujlwm txog Cai Pej Xeem ntawm FTA qhia hais tias kom koj xa ntawv foob kev tsis txaus siab ncaj nraim nrog lub koom haum xa mus los rau zej tsoom hauv cheeb tsam ze txhawm rau muab lub hwv tsam rau lub koom haum hauv cheeb tsam ze los mus kho lossis teb rov qab rau koj li kev txhawj xeeb, ua ntej yuav xa ntawv foob kev tsis txaus siab rau FTA.

Rooj Tsav Xwm Saib Xyuas Kev Xa Mus Los (DOT, Department of Transportation) yuav tseev kom txhua lub koom haum xa mus los hauv cheeb tsam ze muaj ib tug txheej txheem txog kev tsis txaus siab. Koj tuaj yeem nrhiav koj lub koom haum hauv cheeb tsam ze tus txheej txheem txog kev tsis txaus siab los ntawm kev tiv tauj ncaj nraim rau lawv lossis los ntawm kev mus saib lawv lub website yog tias muaj.

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Yog tias koj muaj lus nug dab tsi txog ntawm kev xa ntawv foob kev tsis txaus siab, koj tuaj yeem mus cuag tau lub Chaw Ua Haujlwm Cai Pej Xeem ntawm FTA nyob ntawm 1-888-446-4511 lossis xa raws email ntawm xa e-mail)

Kev lees paub: Qhov kev tshaj tawm no tsuas yog cov ntaub ntawv raug cai thiab tsis yog lus qhia txog kev cai lij choj ntawm koj tus kheej. Nws yog tam sim no raws li hnub tshaj tawm. Peb sim hloov peb cov ntaub ntawv tsis tu ncua. Txawm li cas los xij, txoj cai hloov tsis tu ncua. Yog tias koj xav paub tseeb tias txoj cai tsis tau hloov, hu rau DRC lossis lwm lub chaw haujlwm raug cai.

Paul is in the door watching me. I know it before I roll from the wall, startled, my mouth wet, my pillow, my cheek. I'm awake, like that, I'm awake. Nothing comes before it. I squint at his five-foot silhouette and the blaze of the laundry room fixture above his buzzcut. I'm in the laundry room. I live in the laundry room, this half of it. Scott, Paul's dad, he rigged up a wall, a pre-fab from Home Depot, and Paul and I leaned it in place while he tightened the screws. I like to be helpful. The wall is temporary.

I squint but can't see his expression, don't need to. He's got something to tell me. My nephew doesn't come down here without an excuse, even a dumb one, a homework question, any reprieve from the adults upstairs. I don't count. That's a good thing, a function. Paul can use me. He's okay, not everything you might want in a kid, but he's fine. Maybe it would be different if he were mine. Gina used to say my feelings would change if we had a child, that I would like my own kid; everybody said so. I would fall in love with him. They always said "him." I like my nephew fine. 041b061a72


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